Perfection and tradition

Not without pride, the name Hammerschmidt Klingson has been renown since 1873 for the highest quality in woodwind instruments. Since the companies conception all of their clarinets are manufactured with years of professional experience. For clarinets Hammerschmidt Klingson use only first-class, seasoned Grenadilla or Cocobolo wood. The keywork is anatomically designed to suit optimal clarinet playing and is plated with top quality silver to ensure noiseless keywork and comfortable grip. Each instrument is individually tested and calibrated using the latest electronic equipment to ensure perfect responsiveness and intonation in all weather and playing conditions. The final inspection is carried out personally by Hammerschmidt Klingson’s director Klaus Hammerschmidt. Please refer to Hammerschmidt Klingson’s website for further information on their manufacturing and references (please note: Hammerschmidt-Klingson’s website is written in German therefore it is recommended if you are non-German speaking to use Google Translator to translate the website into the language of your choice).